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If you are looking for a place to visit this summer, come on down to Burncoat Head park for some fun on the beach. Play in the tide pools with hermit crabs and snails, and maybe a crab or two. You can hunt for fossils, find interesting rocks and shells along the beach.


You can walk for miles on the ocean floor. Watch beautiful sunsets, have a picnic or sit in the park for R&R.

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Funding for this project was provided in part by a tourism grant from the Municipality of East Hants

$6500.00 under the Tourism Grant Program for projects to increase the appeal of the Park in particular, and to enhance tourism in general.


$2500.00 to assist with Park maintenance. (Lawn mowing, gardens).


$3000.00 Student Employment Grant.

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Home to a Threatened Species 

Burncoat Head Park is one of only five locations in Canada where the threatened, clam-like mollusc, the Atlantic Mud-piddock, is found.  The other four locations are also in the Minas Basin.

Read the COSEWIC Assessment and Status Report about this species.

(information sources included in the document)

Burntcoat Head Park is home of the World`s Highest Record Tides.

One hundred billion tonnes of water daily flow into the basin every

13 hours which is more than the combined flow of the world’s freshwater rivers!


You can hunt for fossils and find interesting rocks and shells along the beach. You can walk for miles on the ocean floor, watch beautiful sunsets, have a picnic, explore the walking trails and visit the lighthouse.

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The park opens May 30th. 2014.


We look forward to your visit.

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